Would you cleanse your vagina with a CUCUMBER? Top doc cucumber in vagina The theory instructs women to peel the cucumber and insert it into your vagina, as if it were another phallic object. They claim the incredible cucumber will cleanse your lady parts.

Can I play with the cucumber? | Scarleteen Ref A: A36A28A6E84146CF9EE147D964A0314C Ref B: LAXEDGE1705 Ref C: 2020-09-17T12:31:06Z

10 Things to Never Put In Your Vagina - Unsafe Things to A sequence from the film THE CUCUMBER THAT KILLED ME! - 2010 by Francisco lupini Written and Directed by Francisco Lupini Basagoiti Music by Ted Reedy.

Masturbating with a cucumber? - A clip from the Cucumber Join the web’s most supportive community of creators and get high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in gorgeous HD with no ads.

16 Weird Things People Got Stuck In Their Vaginas In 2017 cucumber in vagina A cucumber is a common item people use for penetrative play. However it is advisable to use a proper latex condom instead of a piece of cling film. Cling film doesnt stay on very well, and it can make folds and corners that might not seem jagged or sharp to you at first, but with friction they can really scrape the holy heck out of your

Doctors Warn Against Cucumber Vagina Cleansing cucumber in vagina Aptly named the cucumber cleanse, the process involves the outer skin of a cucumber being removed and then the remainder of the naked cucumber being inserted into the vagina. Its then twisted

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